Put away your wallet, this doesn’t cost a thing


You’ve heard it before. People are spending more and more time on social media now, accounting for over a quarter of all internet traffic. This means you can reach new audiences but also engage with people who already know who you are. That’s why being on social media is a no brainer. 

We use reporting tools and analytics to help you decide which social channels are right for you and your target audience We’ll then roll out campaigns, full of creative flare, that make people sit up and take notice.


Nowadays, with the information overload, content marketing is becoming more and more important. Digi aims to create and share relevant, valuable and fascinating content that will attract and retain your target audience. We can help evaluate your content marketing in order to improve interest and engagement from your target audience.


Effective marketing emails can help attract new members and retain existing ones. Digi can help you plan and write emails that will attract students’ attention and optimise your emails for the highest open rates and click-through rates.

Photography & Videography

Whether you want inspire, engage or motivate your target audience, Digi has the expertise to capture photos and videos that will grasp your audience’s attention.


Don’t settle for boring visuals. You deserve to have your name represented by unique, eye-catching graphics.

Our Digi team can create designs that match your brand personality and target audience.

Let us help you stand out from the competition, flaunt your brand identity and drive conversions.




Working with Digi is an amazing experience. They really took on board my ideas and took them so much further, designing several things as well as organising digital screens, an Instagram takeover, and had concepts that had never even occurred to me! They were honestly so easy to work with, and as a non-marketing minded person, provided invaluable assistance.

Monique Dingelstad


We are so glad that we found out about the Digi Agency. We think that Digi really captured the true essence of our event and celebrated how multi-cultural our society is. All the staff we worked with were friendly and easy to work with. We will definitely be using and recommending the team again in the future. Thank you once again for taking such memorable and high quality pictures.

Naima Masud